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Bonesetter: A Tragislasher

When a series of murders tied to the illustrious Duncan family plagues a suburban town, young, brainy Clarissa Schmidt is forced into a role of heroism as she tries to save her boyfriend, and herself, from a large man with bloodlust.

An original adaptation of Thomas Middleton's The Revenger's Tragedy- Bonesetter discusses the correlations between Jacobean Tragedies and modern horror through sexual politics, feminism, blood, blood, more blood, and camp.

Casting: 4m, 7f
Run Time: Aprox 100 minutes 

Development History:
Spicy Witch Productions (2016)



When the Queen quits mid-season, the Artistic Director has to navigate a web of sexual and professional politics to find her replacement. Once he sets his eyes on Faire newb Mary (and personal pet of the Head Wench, Nikki, and her husband Brian), egos are bruised and crushes are betrayed. A play with music, interspersed with "on the street" scenes, Faire aims to discuss how women's ambitions are valued, as well as capture the particular charm, and pettiness of Renaissance Faire culture.

Casting: 3m, 3f
Run Time: Aprox 110 minutes

This play has not yet been developed. Any interested parties, please contact the playwright through the Contact function.


Mercy, Mercy

Church organist, Meredith, has put her father in a nursing home after it’s clear she can no longer take care of him by herself anymore. When Jim’s medical bills threaten to bankrupt Meredith, in her desperation she teams up with her boyfriend (a nurse at the Home) to start killing people in order to play at their funeral masses for extra cash. A dark comedy about family, romance, and how broken American elder care is.

Casting: 3m, 3f (Doubling: 3m, 2f)
Run Time: Aprox 90 minutes

Development History:
Producer’s Club, Reading (2018)

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The Death of Skankin Pete

In the year 2007, a ska revival swept the Hudson Valley, Long Island, New Jersey and (it was rumored) California. In a small commuter town of no consequence, Kelly, a high school student, is shocked to find out anyone had ever heard of ska. Her father, Rick, is a trombone player whose glory days were in the late 80's playing in the famous ska band, The Docs. When his first band gets in touch with him to reunite, all parties meet at the Streetlight Manifesto concert, hoping to see the legendary (and supernatural?) Skankin Pete. 

A celebration of this stupid music genre, THE DEATH OF SKANKIN PETE is an immersive theatrical experience that brings the contemporary ska scene to unwitting patrons.

Casting: 2m, 2f, 1 m/f, Ensemble
Run Time: Aprox 70 minutes

Development History:
Special Creature Double Feature Reading Series (2016)

Picture Credit: Aryana Sedarati

Picture Credit: Aryana Sedarati

Desk Fort

When a rogue employee hides under his desk on mandatory team meeting day, Middle Manager to the Gods, Samantha Buchanan, must use all her managerial expertise to get him out before "The Big Boss" finds out. A fast-paced comedy exploring how much we all hate f*&^ing office work.

Casting: 2m, 2f
Run Time: Aprox 10 minutes

Development History:
Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show: Edinburgh Fringe (2018)
Barrington Stage Company (2017)
Samuel French OOB Festival (2017)



When lonely shut-in Leanne falls in love with the illusive Man in the Bear Suit, she will stop at nothing to win his heart and discoverl his identity.

Casting: 1m, 2f
Run Time: Aprox 15 Minutes

Development History: 
New Paltz New Play Festival (2011)
Ego Actus (2014)

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100 Days of 1 Minute Plays

A blog project where I challenged myself to write one 1-minute play, every day, for 100 days.

Casting: Various
All Run Times: Aprox 1 minute